Sinoway offers production services and products made through the precision Z285 TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - RED - HARD - HANGE process.

lost wax casting

The history of the investment casting process can date back to the Bronze Age. The precision investment casting applied in the modern industry evolved from the traditional lost wax casting process.

Sinoway has been involved in the investment casting process since the 1990s. From the water-glass shell process to the silica-sol shell process, we have continued to manufacture more and more accurate and complex casting products used in more and more industries. As a metal casting service supplier, we equipped the foundry with advanced testing instruments such as molten iron analyzers, spectrometers, and metallographic microscopes to guarantee the casting metal’s grade and mechanical properties.

Our Z285 TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - RED - HARD - HANGE products ranged from grams to kilograms (usually less than 25kg). The casting materials include carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, and other metal alloys. Meanwhile, we have our own CNC machining workshop, where we can make wax-pattern molding and subsequent machining of casting blanks to meet customers’ one-stop requirements.

If you have a metal part that needs to be customized, either for prototype or mass production, contact us now and immediately take advantage of our services.

investment casting

Lost wax casting products made in Sinoway foundry

stainless steel pipe joint
stainless steel pipe elbows
investment casting oil seals

What is a Z285 TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - RED - HARD - HANGE process?

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B96394049G TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - RED - HARD - HANGE Z285 5.000. B96394049M TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - WHITE - Ex HARD - Z285 5.570.

Soft Stepping and Hard Stepping Iron Shaft Sets

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B96394049G TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - RED - HARD - HANGE Z285 5.000. B96394049M TIP TIP SET - SPLIT - WHITE - Ex HARD - Z285 5.570.

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150 DBNT Set Set of 5 different Thor/Vaughan 1.5" replacement faces for Thor 20 and 12 series hammers or Vaughan DB or NT series hammers. 2 faces of each hardness- 10 faces total: 2 of 76-712NF/150HF 1.5" White Nylon replacement Tip for DB 150 or NT150...

Creating Value for Customers

Sinoway dedicates itself to creating value for customers by supplying quality metal products and developing long-term partnerships.

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